Willie Sordillo

The Tinnitus Brothers                                                     

                                                 Doug and Willie                                                                                                     Photograph by Yvette Viard                                                                                                                           Zoe, Willie and Doug

Harmony Grove has launched! Multi-arts performance at atac in Framingham on April 13 features 5-piece band, poet Ketu Oladuwa and visual artists Samela and Patrick St. Pierre! Click details for details and tickets for tickets!

Click HERE here for a flyer for the April 13 concert at atac.

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Jazz Worship at Old South Church in Boston has come to a close. You can re-visit past services at Services or videos of individual songs at Songs.  

Willie's jazz CD, echoing features some of the Boston area's finest jazz musicians.
You can also find many recordings by the Willie Sordillo Ensemble on Willie Sordillo's YouTube Channel

To listen to tracks from the echoing CD, please click here.