Performances to Watch and Listen To  

Please click on the CD or underlinded text to access audio and video recordings of Willie's music.

Three tracks from my CD, echoing:

                                                                                                                         Snow Tracks 

                                                                                                                     Amazing Grace 

                                                                                                                             Mi Suplica 

My newest duo collaboration is with bassist Doug Rich. Here is a video of our debut performance at Edwards Church on November 3, 2018. We're playing a composition of mine written for this setting called Lament for Christine and for Us All.   Thank you to Art Norton for making the video.

I collaborated with visual artist Patrick St. Pierre for a year before he moved to the West Coast. He painted a picture while I improvised, with the intention that his brush strokes influenced my choice of notes, phrasing and mood, while my playing influenced his painting. We did this in a number of different settings. This video is from a church service at Edwards Church, UCC, and incorporates a third influence, the reading of a scripture passage by the Rev. Debbie Clark. Thanks to Art Norton for the video.

ZoŽ Krohne wrote and sings this beautiful song, Sunlight, written for a mutual friend of ours.

Here's a live performance of a stunningly beautiful composition by Gregory Porter called Take Me to the Alley performed by my duo partner ZoŽ Krohne, pianist Marlene del Rosario and I at the Federated Church of Orleans.

This video clip is from an an early live performance of the RPS Band at the fabled and sadly missed Johnny D's Uptown in Somerville, MA.

Here's a video of a live performance of a song written in tribute to my friend and musical collaborator, Stanley Swann, who died on October 31, 2015. The song is entitled, A Flower Is a Day, a Friend Is Forever. 

You can also find music to listen to on my myspace page: The Willie Sordillo Jazz Ensemble.

And finally, look for me on Spotify. I hope you enjoy the the music!


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