Listen to Willie's Music!  

Please click on the CD to listen to audio and video recordings of Willie's music.

                                                                                                 Snow Tracks 

                                                                                             Amazing Grace 

                                                                                                     Mi Suplica 

Here's a video clip of a live performance of a song written in tribute to my friend and musical collaborator, Stanley Swann, who died on October 31, 2015. The song is entitled, A Flower Is a Day, a Friend Is Forever 

There are various performance clips on youtube posted by a variety of people, and of varied quality. Here's one I'll recommend from a duo performance with pianist Chris Bakriges of one of my favorite meditative pieces, Duke Pearson's Cristo Redentor.

   You can also find music to listen to on my myspace page: The Willie Sordillo Jazz Ensemble

   I hope you enjoy the the music!


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